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As an NJEA member, you enjoy exclusive access to:

  • Special travel offers
  • Optical Academy's On-Siter visits all around NJ 
  • Theme park discounts
  • NJEA-sponsored income protection plans
  • Automobile and homeowners insurance
  • Several life insurance programs
  • Over 290 vendors in the Member Discount Program
  • Over 300,000 locations across the country in the Access program
  • Consumer education
  • Legal Services
  • Financial literacy resources


NJEA, the statewide representative for public school employees in New Jersey (people who live in virtually every community in our state), is ready to provide you with an easy, no-cost way to reach 200,000 new customers. Our successful Member Benefits Program has been in effect for more than 50 years. We are looking to expand this program, and your company is one we believe would be of interest to our members. Read More